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Loyalty Card Software

Loyalty In a Box is small business friendly and simple to manage. However, even the most basic loyalty card program needs a little time spent setting up and marketing to customers. This page describes what is involved in rolling out a ‘typical’ Loyalty Space program.

Step 1: Try Before you Buy

You start by testing our Loyalty card software to get a feel for whether it suits the needs of your business. This is a free and fully functional trial with no commitment.

Step 2: Register Customers On Your Loyalty Program!

You decide you like the LoyaltySoftware and want to go ahead with your loyalty program. Hooray! You’ll be able to get up and running straight away. Marketing your loyalty program to your customers and signing them up. Loyalty SpaceSoftware will remain free for 30 days.

Step 3: Design and Order a Plastic Card!

Plastic cards are only an optional extra with the software; however most of our customers design and purchase plastic cards. These will be distributed to the customers who ‘sign up’ to your loyalty program. We can provide Mag Stripe Cards, Bar Coded Cards and Smart Cards for your scheme. We will supply you with high quality plastic cards that fit your unique designs and requirements.

Step 4: Start Loading Data Into Loyalty Space!

When a customer purchases from you. You scan or record their loyalty card number. You then enter basic details about the transaction into the loyalty software. Most of the value of a loyalty card program is in the data you collect. With this data you can reward your customer; and create tailored offers that are based on their previous transactions.

Step 5: Generate Tailored Rewards and Marketing Offers

You can use the customer transaction data to generate marketing messages and special offers. These are tailored based on your customers previous purchases. This can reduce the cost of your marketing spend, and ensure that you create the best possible response and footfall based on your offers.

For instance, if you run a bar, you could generate one offer for people who have previously purchased wine, and one offer for people who have previously purchased beer. This creates better targeting, and better response rates, and an effective use of marketing spend. Any offers you generate can be pushed out to your customer via E-Mail, SMS Message, or via your own mobile loyalty portal.

Step 6: Reward Your Customers

As well as the special offers that you are offering to customers via Loyalty Space Software, you may also choose to issue your customers with credits that are accrued or earned based on their purchases. Loyalty Space will allow you to implement the simple ‘buy 9 coffees get one free’ offer you might see in a cafe, or something more sophisticated. Such as cash-back points that can be redeemed in store. Loyalty Space allows you to track, manage, issue, and control redemption of these points via a simple barcode system.

And That’s It!

By doing all of the above, you’ll be building a much better relationship with your customers. Creating an incentive for them to shop with and visit you – increasing their loyalty to your business. You’ll also be advertising and marketing much more effectively by appealing to the unique interests of your customer base.

The above is just a generic process. The system is flexible enough to support lots of different variations on this basic workflow. Contact us for a discussion on how it could suit your requirements.

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Loyalty Card Software for Small Business

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