Pre-Payment Card (Stored Value)

What is a Pre-Payment Card (stored value)?

The best definition of a Pre-Payment card (stored value) is to think of the card as a ‘PAY AS YOU GO’ internal Credit card. This type of card is ideal for Golf Members that require a ‘BAR LEVY’, or school children who can use the card for ‘School Meals’ where parents can put money on the students card. There are many uses for a pre-payment card (stored value)



Example of a system implemented by ‘The Golf Club Network’:

“Blue, Green, Silver and Gold members may place funds on their membership card. The club will credit an additional 10% fee of charge to the member’s credit amount. These funds can be spent on bar drinks and food. Funds must be placed on the card prior to any qualifying purchase. A minimum of £10.00 may be placed on a member’s card at one time. The funds remain the property of the member until they are spent. Refunds are only given if a member leaves the club. The members’ levy scheme is not available to Social members. Rounds of 9 holes are only available Mondays to Fridays between 8.00am and 9.20am.

Green members pay £5.75 for 9 holes. (The normal price is £11.50). Reduced Green fees are further reduced for Silver and Green members. The Somerset Golf Clubs where reduced green fees are available to members are set out on our website under “How to join”. The Golf Club Network offers members free and reduced green fees at other Golf Clubs at certain times. See The club will publish member names and telephone numbers on a handicap list in the Clubhouse. If you do not wish your details displayed, please advise.


If you would like to find out more about our pre-payment card system please contact us for all enquiries.

pre-payment card (stored value)

Pre-payment Card Systems for Small Business


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