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Loyalty Space and Loyalty In a Box has been designed and built by an independent software company based in Yorkshire, UK. With over 30 years experience dealing in loyalty card systems. We are passionate about helping small businesses increase their sales. We genuinely believe that our systems can help you achieve this.

Welcome To Loyalty Space!

Are you looking to increase your sales and improve customer loyalty?

If so, we can help you achieve this by setting up and managing a customer loyalty card program.

Designed specifically for small consumer facing businesses such as shops, restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars, hairdressers and beauty salons. We’re convinced we can help you set up and run a successful loyalty program that delights your customers and results in increased sales for your business.

What Is A Customer Loyalty Card Program?

An example of a basic loyalty program might be something like: ‘buy 10 coffees – get one free’ which perhaps a local coffee shop may introduce. This is managed by stamping a card for the customer after each purchase. Once the card is full, the customer gets a free drink. This is a simple example, but it shows how effective reward schemes can be as a way to grow your sales via encouraging customer loyalty.

A loyalty card program allows you to take this marketing to the next level by building a customer loyalty database. This keeps track of your customers, any points they accrue, and stores basic details about their transactions. By capturing the data from your loyalty program. You’ll be able to deliver a service┬áthat really appeals to your customers; and use the data that you collect to improve your marketing and sales.

Sound interesting? Read more about how it works here, or get in touch for an informal chat.

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